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New discoveries on Outer Hebrides reveal new reasons for why stone circles were built 30 Mar 2020 - Researchers from CRMG at the University of St Andrews, Bradford and Lampeter University reveal new findings on the Outer Hebrides that could change why we think stone circles were built, answers to be revealed on TV Continue Reading
FishPi2 summary and final report published 12 Feb 2020 - Links to the fishPi2 summary and final reports can be found here Continue Reading
Workshop: Introduction to R held for Peruvian students 12 Feb 2020 - CRMG members held an "Introduction to R" workshop for Peruvian students in January 2020 Continue Reading
Champions of SMMR Programme 18 Dec 2019 - CRMG members successfully awarded the opportunity to lead the £12.4m Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (SMMR) programme for NERC and ESRC on behalf of UKRI. Continue Reading
Presenting results at the 17th Latin American Conference of Marine Science 3 Dec 2019 - Mobile phone app results from Peru fishery trials presented at Latin American Conference of Marine Science Continue Reading
Seedcorn Funding Received for Lobster Life-History Research 3 Oct 2019 - New collaboration between Biology and School of Psychology and Neuroscience to investigate impact of capturing early-life lobsters Continue Reading
Tagging tiger sharks in the Caribbean 21 Aug 2019 - Find out more about James Thorburn's time working on tiger sharks with the Dutch Elasmobranch Society on the Save Our Sharks conservation program in Saba. Continue Reading
Tagged flapper skate findings presented at International Conference on Fish Telemetry 10 Jul 2019 - PhD Student Edward Lavender presented a poster on his work studying tagged flapper skate at the 5th International Conference on Fish Telemetry, Norway Continue Reading
Effect of temporal and spatial resolution on the identification of fishing activities – Published paper 30 Apr 2019 - Dr T Mendo's latest paper, "Effect of temporal and spatial resolution on identification of fishing activities in small-scale fisheries using pots and traps", has been published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science. Continue Reading
Visit to the University of Nord 15 Apr 2019 - James Thorburn lectures at the University of Nord, Norway Continue Reading