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Gear Use And Recovery In The Scottish Inshore Creel Fishery- A Survey 22 Nov 2021 - For the attention of all commercial creel fishermen Continue Reading
News Article: CABFishMan consortium releases new review of small-scale fisheries 27 Oct 2021 - Published on the 25th October 2021, the project CABFishMan received a write-up in the online Fishing Daily News regarding their latest comprehensive review of existing methods for data collection in Northeast Atlantic small-scale fisheries (SSF). ‘The review is especially relevant as it provides geo-referenced data on fishing effort and catches in the area, information which… Continue Reading
Coast to Ocean: A Fife-Eye View 11 May 2021 - Fife Residents are welcomed to take part in a survey about their relationship with the sea and coast. Read more here! Continue Reading
Engaging the Fishing Industry in Marine Environmental Survey and Monitoring 16 Mar 2021 - Surveys using local information from fishers have been used to better understand marine life in and around Scotland’s network of Marine Protected Areas. Continue Reading
New PhD student joins CRMG 17 Dec 2020 - Welcome Ellie MacLennan to CRMG with the PhD "Understanding the scale, impact and potential mitigation of marine animal entanglement in the Scottish static gear fishery. " Continue Reading
Protecting Covid-hit fishing communities in Peru 14 Dec 2020 - A project is led by Dr Mark James and Dr Tania Mendo of the School of Biology has been awarded a grant of nearly £300,000 to help protect the livelihoods of fishing communities in Peru hit by Covid-19. Peru is one of the world’s worst Covid-19 impacted countries. High levels of labour informality drive the… Continue Reading
New interns at CRMG. 20 Aug 2020 - Please meet Adrianna and Lindsay, who are joining us this summer for an internship at CRMG! Continue Reading
The Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources programme opens 19 May 2020 - The £12.4 million SMMR programme has officially launched to deliver research in support of UK marine environmental policy across five years. Continue Reading
MASTS Webinar series relaunches 6 Apr 2020 - MASTS engages marine science community with weekly free seminars. Continue Reading
New discoveries on Outer Hebrides reveal new reasons for why stone circles were built 30 Mar 2020 - Researchers from CRMG at the University of St Andrews, Bradford and Lampeter University reveal new findings on the Outer Hebrides that could change why we think stone circles were built, answers to be revealed on TV Continue Reading