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SIFIDS (2016-2020)

Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated Data System Project

Mark James (PI, leading WP5, 8b, 9, 10), Hannah Ladd-Jones (Project Manager), Tania Mendo (Researcher, WP5 and 8b)
European Maritime Fisheries Fund

Movement Ecology of the Flapper skate (2017-2020) (MEFS)

Investigating the movements of the flapper skate (Dipturus intermedius) in Scottish waters, click above for project updates

Mark James (Project PI), James Thorburn (Co-PI), Edward Lavender (PhD student)
Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and Marine Scotland and involves collaborative work with Edinburgh Zoo and the Scottish Association for Marine Science

C-SIDE (2018-2021)

Carbon Storage in Intertidal Environments (C-SIDE) is a multidisciplinary team of researchers across five organisations to deliver discovery science that informs policy via an integrated study of “Blue” Carbon in UK saltmarsh habitats.

Bill Austin (Project PI), David Paterson (Co-PI)

CABFISHMAN (2019–2022)

Conserving Atlantic Biodiversity by Supporting Innovative Small Scale Fisheries co-Management

Mark James (Named Work Package PI), Tania Mendo (Researcher)
EU-INTERREG Atlantic EAPA_134/2018

MEFS + (2019-2020)

Sustainable Fisheries Interactions and Conservation of Elasmobranchs in Scottish seas (MEFS+)

Mark James (PI), James Thorburn (co-PI), Hannah Ladd-Jones (Project Manager)
Maritime Fisheries Fund (Marine Scotland)

Developing a strategic research agenda for sustainable artisanal fisheries in northern Peru: identifying research and innovation gaps

Research agenda for artisanal fisheries

Tania Mendo (PI), Mark James (co-PI)
SFC-GCRF grant

Completed Projects

DYNAMICOBIO-PERU (2019-2020): Developing a dynamic co-management bycatch risk assessment to protect biodiversity in an artisanal shrimp trawl fishery in Peru – Newton Institutional Links Grant – Mark James (PI), Tania Mendo (Co-I)

Low cost electronic reporting to assess small scale fisheries contribution to nutrition in Peru (2018-2019): A mobile phone application whereby fishers can record species not sold and taken to their homes for consumption – St Andrews SFC Official Development Assistance – Global Challenges Research Fund – Tania Mendo (PI), Mark James (Co-I)

Low cost electronic monitoring: improving data collection in artisanal fisheries in Peru (2018-2019): Using a mobile phone application to record catch and effort of Peruvian fisheries Knowledge and Impact Fund – University of St Andrews – Mark James (PI), Tania Mendo (Co-PI)

FishPi2 (2017-2018): Strengthening regional cooperation in the area of fisheries data collection – EU-MARE 2016/22 Mark James (Project PI and Co-Ordinator), Tania Mendo (Researcher), Hannah Ladd-Jones (Researcher)

EduCO2cean (2016-2018): Society Educational Models to Transmit to Society the Challenge of Global Ocean Climate Change – EU ERASMUS+ 2016-1-PT01-KA201-022952 – Mark James (Project Partner)

fishPi (2015-2016): Strengthening regional cooperation in the area of fisheries data collection – EU-MARE 2014/19 – Mark James (Named PI and Co-Ordinator), Tania Mendo

Evidence gathering in support of sustainable Scottish inshore fisheries (2014-2015): European Fisheries Fund project – Mark James (Named PI and Co-ordinator, led WP1), Tania Mendo

Scottish Marine Climate Change (2014-2015): Adaptation Indicators – Climate XChange funded – Mark James (Project PI)

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) (2013-2014): establish FIS as a legal entity with Charitable status and all operational requirements – European Fisheries Fund – Mark James (Project Leader)