Peru hosts the world’s single biggest fishery in terms of landings: the anchovy fishery, pursued mainly by large scale fishing vessels. However, this fish is used to produce fishmeal, and still, one in six children in Peru suffer from chronic malnutrition. Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) are therefore particularly important because most of their catch is sold nationally for direct human consumption and constitutes an important source of protein. The livelihoods of a great number of people in Peru also depend on this sector.

We plan to further develop a mobile Application to be able to quantify not only the catches that are sold but also the amount of fish retained for own consumption. This is a very important component because Small scale fisheries are often marginalised by different levels of government even though they may represent an immensely important contributor in terms of food security.

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El autoconsumo como fuente importante de proteina para las familias de los pescadores en la caleta de Los Organos, Piura 15 Aug 2019 - Uno de los objetivos del proyecto ““Monitoreo de datos de captura y esfuerzo en la pesquería artesanal de merluza usando aplicativos de bajo costo” fuel el de la toma de información de la captura destinada a alimentar a las familias de los pescadores.  Entre los meses de enero y marzo del 2019 se llevaron a… Continue Reading