This project has brought together over 50 scientists from 14 institutes, from 10 Member States (13 countries and autonomous regions) in work package teams, to address Biological data collection in EU waters. The project consortium spans the basins of the North Sea and Eastern Arctic and the North Atlantic. The project consortium reunited many of the participants of the fishPi project (MARE 2014/19) with additional participation from Regional Co-ordination Meeting North Atlantic (RCM NA) institutions. The project has built on the work achieved in the fishPi project, further strengthening regional cooperation, and has provided some clear guidance on the implementation phase of regional sampling. Work packages have specifically addressed the operation of putative Regional Co-ordination Groups (RCGs) (WP1); sets out scoping of regional fisheries (WP2); and proposes regional sampling plans for commercial fisheries (WP3). Other work packages have addressed stomach and incidental bycatch sampling (WP4); small scale and recreational fisheries sampling (WP5); and national and regional data quality (WP6). The project outcomes have been disseminated to the North Sea and Eastern Arctic, North Atlantic, and Baltic RCGs in 2018 (WP7). The feedback from these interactions led to a dissemination workshop with National Correspondents and DG MARE representatives in February 2019 (WP8). The project team established close links with other successful consortia and the STREAM project in particular, thus building both within region expertise and facilitating pan-regional cooperation