Adrianna Pisarczyk

“I study Marine Biology and will be going into my second year at St Andrews. I am very interested in marine conservation and want to specialise in marine zoology. I have had experience working with aquatic wildlife, surveying coral reef populations, and analysing underwater video footage, and I have also worked on several conservation projects in Bermuda, Galápagos, and the British Virgin Islands. I am excited to collaborate with the Coastal Resources Management Group this summer, and I look forward to learning more about Scotland’s commercial inshore fisheries.”

Lindsay Grant

“I have just finished my second year at St Andrews University as a Marine Biology BSc (Hons) student. I am still finding my way to a specific area within marine biology, but my interests and passions lay in science that supports the conservation of our oceans, it’s ecosystems and the sustainability of it’s fisheries. I have experience volunteering with education and outreach, as well as within marine research stations, the behaviour and biodiversity lab within St Andrews University and conservation projects both internationally and within Scotland. I am excited to be a part of the Coastal Resources Management Group for summer 2020 and look forward to the experience I will gain by interning with them, as well as being part of a group that promotes the sustainability of our oceans through science.”